Friday, December 26, 2008

Conversations with my boss

HIM: Hey Kate, you've got new glasses?

ME: What? Oh no, these are old. I just don't wear them much.

HIM: You wear contacts most of the time?

ME: Oh no my eyes are kind of... not that bad. So I just wear them at the computer mostly.....Um but you must have seen these before because I distinctly remember wearing the glasses when you interviewed me for the job - I thought they would make me look smarter haha.

(A brief appalled silence where I realise my attempt at charming self deprecation has failed)

HIM: So... I guess it worked then?

ME: (Nervous laughter).


mike g said...

Hah, I love it. I love being referred to as 'smart' based purely on the fact that I wear slightly-thicker-than-average rimmed glasses by people I've never had a conversation with? Glasses = nerd = smart? Totally.

my name is kate said...

Little do they know you're thick as shit eh?