Sunday, September 16, 2012

On the count of three go: Awwww

This adorable correction in the New York Times (this was months ago but I've only just seen it) represents everything I love about newspapers, not least because it's perfectly written and highlights the difference between the way an established newspaper works and how some university student runs his or her blog: ultimately we are accountable. (And if that sounds sniffy then, well, tonight I feel a bit sniffy. It will pass.)
An article on Monday about Jack Robison and Kirsten Lindsmith, two college students with Asperger syndrome who are navigating the perils of an intimate relationship, misidentified the character from the animated children’s TV show “My Little Pony” that Ms. Lindsmith said she visualized to cheer herself up. It is Twilight Sparkle, the nerdy intellectual, not Fluttershy, the kind animal lover.

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