Saturday, September 29, 2012

Question of the night

Why does everyone keep asking me if I've ordered my copy of The Casual Vacancy. Um, yes I was a big fan of the Harry Potter books (although is it that obvious, really?) but being a fan of Harry Potter is not the same as being a fan of JK Rowling per se. Yes, I may or may not have jumped down the throats of some people who suggested she was a total hack but that doesn't mean I'm going to greet her latest offering with the excitement warranted by, say, a new book by Alan Hollingshurst or Jeffrey Eugenides.

If the book is any good, I assume, I'll get to it eventually, but given I've basically got a stack of books by my bed crying out to be read, I can't say I'm busting a gut to make it to the TCV. Although I'm sure, you know, it's just fine.

In other news: Dear Alan, Jeff - please write faster.

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Lindsay said...

So, to be clear, you HAVEN'T ordered a copy of The Casual Vacancy? Actually, the title sounds a little porno...