Monday, September 24, 2012

Things my Bikram Yoga instructor said tonight that made me think she might be nuts

1. "From the side you should look like a Japanese ham sandwich" (She has now said this twice so it was not an accident. What the fuck, I ask you, does a Japanese ham sandwich look like?)
2. "This is a compression pose so it should be hard to breathe." (Mmm sounds safe).
3. "This pose is really good for your thyroid." (Lady, I have hypothyroidism and am thus familiar with the work of the thyroid gland. I have my doubts that lying on my back is doing jack shit. Think I'll stick with my meds. Just saying).


Lindsay said...

I also object to the use of "feel that beautiful pain" "this should be hurting" and ditto the japanese ham sandwich. WTF?

my name is kate said...

She is definitely cracked. But her body is... quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

You are trying to "sandwich" yourself so there is no gap anywhere. When Bikram lived in Japan he ate ham sandwiches, thus the reference to "Japanese ham sandwich". Why object to such a phrase? Why not just smile instead? It certainly doesn't bother my Japanese Bikram teacher.