Monday, September 10, 2012

Things I am rather looking forward to doing when I am left all alone this weekend:

Greta Garbo: "I want to be alone."
* Drinking the cheap-arse wine I favour but which - some people say - tastes like Mermaid's Tears. And not in a good way.

* Falling asleep on the couch while watching The Wire. Or Downton Abbey. Or anything I couldn't normally get away with.

* Putting up the three 'hidden bookshelves' I have quietly purchased, with an idea they would look quite smashing on my bedroom wall (as an aside: does anyone know how to use a power drill and/or install a bookshelf).

* Getting delightfully tipsy with good chums and rocketing home at an ungodly hour, squiffy as all hell (Mr Kate, bless him, really hates it when I come home drunk and doesn't really care for Drunk Kate at all - he says I get too loud and maybe he's right).

* [Redacted]

* Ummm.... Whatever the hell I want.


Rebecca said...

Ditto. Although with more So You Think You Can Dance (but let me know how you go with The Wire).

my name is kate said...

I also still have your box set of Friday Night Lights that I SWEAR I am going to get to very very soon. Honest...

the other kate said...

My plans centre around riesling, Legends of the Fall, and Maggie Beer chocolate & salted caramel ice-cream. Oh and nappies, lots of nappies.