Monday, November 17, 2014

Killer Serial

You may have heard me crap on about my latest addiction: The Serial podcast.

I'm sorry about this, I know I've been shoving it down the throats of friends and family lately.

But also, totally not sorry because it's awesome and I'm doing you a big fat favour by recommending it and giving you the opportunity catch up with a binge listen. It's not exaggerating to say I give a little wheeee of glee every week when the next episode comes out. I have strict rules about where and how I'll listen to it: I have to be able to listen to it all in one go, I try to avoid the possibility of any distractions. I want so much to keep clear in my head all the different characters so, you know, I can get into some wild speculation.

If you're not convinced by my insistence Serial is great and worthy of your time, perhaps you'll listen to The Wall Street Journal? I mean, those guys are smart. They understand numbers and everything. They could probably do your taxes if they wanted.

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