Friday, October 12, 2007

Damn you extra strength cold and flu meds - what have I become?

When I was younger my mother, bless her, once compared me to Jo from Louisa M. Alcott’s classic Little Women. This delighted me for two reasons. Firstly, of course, because, as far as I was concerned, Jo was the most awesome of the March sisters - far better than the whiny little martyr that was Beth or the stupid bitch that was Amy. Secondly because it infuriated my older sister who felt (perhaps rightly) that she was being cast as the older, dull and super sensible Meg. To this day I can still get a rise out of her by referring to her as “Megsie”.

Anyway the point (and I am getting there) is that part of me thought there was some validity to this comparison. Not because I’m like Jo in many ways but because she hated change and she just wanted everything to stay the same.

Now, unlike Jo, I would never have turned down Laurie for a snooty German wankhead but on this particular point I agree with her: change blows.

The end of this week, which has nearly arrived, promises to herald a fairly significant change for me as I change jobs. I will miss the work, which I love most of them when I’m not being cried at over the phone or yelled at by some crazed council watcher.

But more than that I will miss the people I have met here. Blame it on the cold and flu medication for making me all weepy but I’ve never worked in a place where I have met so many awesome people. Not all of them are still with the company or, indeed, work in the same office as me, but they are among the smartest, funniest and most right-on (hee sorry) people I’ve ever met. Soonish after starting here I was prattling on about this to my best friend, the lovely Ali and she said something like “wow, you don’t usually like people” or something to that effect. Completely true and yet I totally (vomit bags in place, please) fell in love with the CNG crew.

And I’ll miss them all terribly.

*Sniff* See you at the pub.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who contributed to both card and pressie. Love it.


Lindsay said...

It's not the cold and flu meds Kato - it's more like LSD. Let's get boozed as mules.

Dave said...

I'm in!

my name is kate said...

Already halfway there...