Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Questions I had good reason to ask myself recently:

  • Why is there an egg-shaped lump on my head that really hurts when I push it?
  • Why is one of my knees red and swollen?
  • Why are my feet covered in a variety of incredibly unattractive blisters and weeping sores?
  • When exactly did I become a sleepwalking self harmer?


Anonymous said...

Or drunken self-harmer?

L x

my name is kate said...

Well I do wonder. My legs bruise like fecking peaches but the head is a worry. Perhaps it was you trying a little too forcefully to put a wig on me as I slept? I think we both know it was, my sweet, and there's nothing wrong with that - I just hear what I want to hear etc.