Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lemsip is the new booze

I think I may be in the middle of a bloody self fulfilling prophecy.

You see for the past few weeks I’ve felt, on and off, that I was on the cusp of becoming ill. I don’t know why but I seem to have had an inordinate number of sore throats/weary muscles/sneezy fits… fortunately without ever actually having any of them develop into a full blown stay-in-bed illness.

That’s all well and good but now that I’m about to jet set off at the weekend for a lovely overseas trip I’ve developed the fear that I will get sick. And now damn it if I don’t seem to be doing just that. Sore throat? Check. Weariness? Check. Stomach that feels like a teensy craft set adrift on stormy seas? Double check.

Of course the worst part is that the whole thing is probably bloody psychosomatic: I worry about getting sick and the stress not only makes me imagine symptoms but probably actually creates the little fuckers. I stress because I feel sick and I am sick because I am stressed. Pah. Stupid body and brain, can’t get it together.

However I’m determined to beat my mind or body or whatever at its own game. From now until, you know, the end of the week I will become one of those sickening bastards who takes Echinacea, eats shite like berries with natural yoghurt for breakfast and never drinks diet coke at 7am.

Hey, it’s three days - what’s the worst that could happen?

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