Thursday, April 10, 2008

And don't get me STARTED on internet porn...

First it was amazon - now it's my computer that's trying to run my life for me and make me into a better, more efficient person or something. Bastard.

You see this week I've dragged the ol' desktop out of retirement and set it up in the living room with the dim hope that it's constant presence might inspire me to do some proper writing. And it certainly does inspire to me to log on in, though lately 'writing' has been replaced by 'browsing blogs' and 'looking up random terms of wikipedia'. And apparently the computer has had enough.

Always a temperamental beast for the last two days it has been randomly closing internet browser windows at random. Or perhaps not at random. My word document, for instance, is never touched. Neither does it seem to interfere if I am quite genuinely looking something up for 'research purposes'. However, open an innocent window to google some gory celebrity deaths (I got no further than Jayne Mansfield... ouch) and the fecker is closing things down all over the place.

What's more it doesn't even give me the courtesy of an error message, just whips one window closed and transports me into another. Then when I try to return to the gory celebrity death window it blinks at me winningly, thinking, (I assume) I can't do that, Dave. It's almost enough to inspire one to, um, work, or something.

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