Thursday, April 24, 2008

Conversation in the back of a taxi

DRIVER: So what's going on here (waving at TV cameras etc)
ME: Oh it's the WA Newspapers meeting, um, with Kerry Stokes and everything.
DRIVER: Ah yeah yeah. So what happened?
ME: (Trying to cobble together 40-50cm in the backseat) Um he didn't get the seats on the board.
DRIVER: Ah hmm interesting.
ME: Yeah.
DRIVER: Right, right, well I think The West's a bloody good paper.
ME: Hmmm. I meant it might have its problems but...
DRIVER: Nah it's great - I've had it delivered for 17 years.
ME: (Distracted, trying to decipher shorthand)Um yeah well looks like enough shareholders agreed with you.
DRIVER: And some of the things Stokes was saying I just disagreed with.
ME: (Still fumbling with a snappy intro) Uh yeah, yeah. Who wants it to become another er Sunday Times, right?
DRIVER: What's wrong with the Sunday Times.
ME: Um...


Dave said...

hehe. sometimes, you just can't win...

my name is kate said...

Next time I'll pretend I'm a mute...