Friday, February 3, 2012

Must Love Glass

I was going to write about this week's Savage Love podcast because it featured the charming Ira Glass but, wouldn't you know it, that hussy Lindsay has beaten me to it. I think this is why she is one of my favourite people in the world.

Anyway, if you own an iPhone (and I assume you can download it on other phones, I just don't know how) you should SERIOUSLY be downloading the (free) Savage Love podcast from iTunes every Tuesday. It's so good. Why aren't you downloading this week's episode right now? Don't you WANT to hear Ira Glass - Ira freaking Glass! - give advice to a woman who throws up every time she gives her boyfriend a blowjob? You do, don't you, you know you do so why are you pretending you don't?

In related news I am now crushing pretty hard on Ira Glass. I mean, more so than usual. Tragically I was supposed to interview him when he was in town last month with David Sedaris but, for boring reasons, it didn't happen. I was sad at the time but now I'm just plain GUTTED.

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