Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things I have tried over the past to get my sleep cycle back on track:

1. Going to bed early.
2. Going to bed at a reasonable hour.
3. Staying up as late as I can until my eyelids are practically crawling down my cheeks.
4. Taking pills designed to make me sleep.
5. Taking pills that aren't designed to make me sleep but do list 'drowsiness' as a side effect.
6. Taking no pills at all.
7. Drinking wine.
8. Drinking no wine.
9. Reading in bed.
10. Not reading in bed.
11. Reading books in bed that are so boring I FEEL like I'm already asleep.
12. Staring at the ceiling, wondering if it's early enough to qualify as morning. Repeat for 5 hours.


Anonymous said...

try an hour of great sex

my name is kate said...

Thanks for the tip, Anon, assuming it's not an offer. I'll get on that.