Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things that disturbed me about tonight's episode of the (really quite fucking terribly trashy ) show Pretty Little Liars

1. The fact Belle and Sebastian's "Boy With the Arab Strap" was playing in the bar scene.

2. The fact I was more disturbed by point 1 than by the still-incredibly-creepy relationship between a 15 (uh maybe 16 at MOST) year old girl and her 30 (late twenties at BEST) teacher - the creepy part being that the show completely endorses this romance as some sort of beautiful love story, as opposed to a tale of two hormone-fuelled morons who make Bad Life Choices. That much said, her teacher IS pretty hot and if the show hadn't made him into such a neutered stick-in-the-mud (they haven't had sex? Oh please) I might be more invested in this creepy shit. Smut I understand but True Wuv? Vomit.

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Vyanka said...

I dislike that show as well..