Sunday, April 22, 2012

For no particular reason: some of my favourite songs about love or unrequited love or crappy end-of-love that I really wish I had somehow written

Belle and Sebastian, Too Much Love
One of the few songs on this list that actually makes me happy.

The Smiths, Please please please let me get what I want
It was a choice between this and I Want the One I Can't Have and it's Driving Me Mad but this is so cute, so short and so perfect it won out. Please, you know, it was in Pretty in Pink - John Hughes endorsed.

Nick Drake, Day is Done
I don't think this song is supposed to be about love at all but, for me, it captures perfectly that exhausted "I just don't want to give a fuck anymore" feeling.

Camera Obscura, Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
Okay so this one also make me happy. Maybe I do actually like happy songs almost as much as maudlin ones. Maybe.

Nick Cave, I Let Love In
What can I say: was there ever an angrier song about love? Well, um, almost certainly but this is right up there.

Honourable mentions go to Joanna Newsom's sublime Does Not Suffice (thanks Mike), Noah and the Whale's Five Years Time and Teddy Thompson's insanely beautiful cover of Leonard Cohen's Tonight Will Be Fine. For some reason almost none of the videos I found for these songs would work and then those that worked wouldn't embed and... you know, it's getting on a bit and I'm tired and can't be bothered. But they're awesome - look 'em up slackers.

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