Monday, April 23, 2012

Questions for the douchebags who stole my car last night:

1. Why would you steal MY car? I mean, sure, the three-door Toyota Yaris IS kind of a sweet ride but it's easily the least cool car on the street or at least bottom three. My neighbour drives an Alpha Romeo for Christ's sake. Take hers!

2. Did you notice the flat tyre before you stole the car? I hope you cried like a bitch when you finally noticed that.

3. Was it the pile of X-Men comics on the back seat that convinced you to steal my car? Because I'd hate to think comic book nerds are stealing cars these days - that would be a real downer.

1 comment:

JB said...

Bummer. Gosh you have a lot going on, I check my feed after a week, and you've got married and had your car stolen.
I had my bikes stolen a couple months ago. Doesn't it just shit you? Youths.
Still you got better chance of finding your car, my bikes didnt have plates.