Monday, April 16, 2012

Web of Lies

It started with a simple lie at the hairdresser where I was having my hair done for a wedding. Technically, yes, it was my "wedding" (read: wedding PARTY) but I had no desire to discuss this fact with my hairdresser and have to endure an hour of chit-chat about whether I was excited/nervous/having second thoughts. So when she asked me why I was having my hair done I said, semi-truthfully, that I was attending "a wedding".

So far, so okay. The problems started when she pressed for details. What kind of wedding was it? What was my dress like? Was it a close friend getting married? She seemed so interested in this wedding I half suspected that she knew the truth and wanted me to crack. I did not crack. Instead I told the (mostly) truth, cunningly vagueing up my answers. For example:

Her: So is it a big wedding, do you know?

Me: Oh, I, uh, think there's going to be about 110... more than 100 people... something like that.

Her: Are you in the wedding party?

Me: Uh... no?

Anyway, the hairdresser finished her job and I left semi-satisfied (the hair was not "Rachel the android from Bladerunner does formal" as I'd hoped but at least it was A Whole Lot of Look). I'd got away with my lie and that should have been the end of the story.

Until I got to said wedding PARTY and a friend revealed the following facts:

1. She had been to the same hairdressing salon as myself.
2. She had seen the same hairdresser.
3. She had told the hairdresser she was attending a wedding and provided sufficient detail that the hairdresser put two and two together.
4. Her response, when the hairdresser mentioned by name, was to immediately exclaim: "She's the BRIDE."

This is the true story of why I can now never go back to a very nice hair salon which happens to be very close to my house and therefore extremely convenient. This makes me sad.


SnoopDoug said...

haha. Best story I've heard all week!

Sorry about the Mrs H crack, but I simply can't resist!

Hope you both had a totally fab time :-)

my name is kate said...

Your turn will come Dougie and I will bring it back upon you tenfold - tenfold, I say!

JB said...

Ah congrats!!! First I heard of it! Expect a call...