Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to get yourself frocked up and out of the house when you really just want to stay on the couch.

1. Turn on music. Ideally as loudly as possible. Nick Cave's "Thirsty Dog" is doing my wonders right now because I'm in sort of an angry mood and it's just a great angry song, even though he spends the whole time apologising. "(I'm sorry about all your friends/I hope they'll speak to me again/I said before I'll pay for all the damages/I'm sorry it's just rotten luck/I'm sorry I've forgotten how to fuck/It's just that I think my heart/ and soul are kind of famished" may be among my all time favourite Cave lyrics).

2. Find wine. Look you don't even have to drink it but a glass of wine in your hand cannot NOT cheer you up. That's not me, that's science speaking.

3. Dress up. UP I say. The shitter you feel the better you should look. Which is why I hope and plan to look pretty fucking good tonight.

4. Get off the couch. Sorry, that should probably have been the first step actually.

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