Sunday, April 1, 2012

To the two dudes who pushed in front of me at the bar on Friday night,

So maybe you'd argue you didn't "push in front of me" but Come ON, when the person beside you at a bar was there first courtesy dictates that when the bar wench asks you what you want you gesture politely to the other person and say "s/he was here first".

So number one: fuck you. I hate people who do this.

Number two: don't you know what this kind of behaviour says to the world about what kind of person you are? Not only that you're rude and inconsiderate, although you are, but that you're greedy (really, you can't bear to wait the 2 minutes it would take for me to get a glass of wine?), impatient and have no self control.

Number three: if you're going to push in front of someone at a bar please don't try and MAKE CONVERSATION with them after you do it. That's just stupid.

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