Friday, June 8, 2012

Awkward Work Conversations I Have Had...

... With the woman who sits very close to my desk at work and seems to think (incorrectly, honest) that I am behind a complaint lodged (anonymously) about her inanity. It was bad enough when she asked me about it in the office hallway but when she cornered me in the bathroom things got awkward... not as awkward as a little bit later when she came up to my desk, trying to speak through her TEARS, but still, you know, AWKWARD.


Ohhell said...

1. She is a muppet
2. And a really weird one
3. You should totally wipe the smug smile of X's face by telling her it was him
4. But also tell her there were apparently multiple complaints and gesture wildly at people you don't like.

my name is kate said...

You make several good points. Anyway, I told her it was you who made the complaint so hope that's cool. xx