Monday, June 4, 2012

Things that make me feel like I am maybe not a proper grown-up even though I am by now quite, quite old:

1. I don't have any bandaids in the house. This fact I did not discover until I damaged my poor feet trying to break in a pair of shoes which, now that I think about it, may be a smidgen too small for me. When I lived at home Mum and Dad's bathroom cabinet was chock full of medical supplies, both minor and major. So now I guess I have to... buy them myself?

2. I faintly resent having to pay for my own medication. Similar theme to number one. I don't have big medical expenses but I do have to take a pill for my stupid thyroid every day, which I resent deeply. It's by no means a big expense but shouldn't all my money be disposable income to spend on books I don't read and shoes that don't fit? Don't you want to keep me alive by paying for this stuff, Mum and Dad?

3. There is nothing to eat in my fridge except for an elderly piece of lasagna left over from a giant lasagna which my mother made me. No explanation required.

4. I am so broke my card got declined when I tried to buy a veggie burger at the pub. A veggie burger. And a diet coke. That was a sad day and I'm sure the woman behind the bar was not fooled by my "oh um, *ahem* guess that money hasn't come through... shall we just try credit then shall we?" SHAME.

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