Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A text I sent to my brother today that might have outed me as a closet racist maybe?

I tried to watch a movie called The Resident, drawn by a stellar cast of Javier Bardem! Lee Pace! Hillary Swank! It was... not good. I mean Pace's gross 90s pleated pants (the movie was made in 2011) were the least of its problems and they were heinous.
Yeah, turns out Javier Bardem is not in that shitty movie. The guy I thought was him was Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is in no way Spanish. In my defence, I do legitimately seem to have mental problems when it comes to recognising faces I've only seen once or twice. To this day I'm still living down 1) Failing to recognise my good chum Bec's charming brother days after meeting him and talking to him for a good hour, and 2) Failing to recognise one of the main characters in a TV series because in between scenes he put on a different outfit and did his hair funny. Yeeeeeeahhh.

To conclude: definitely mental, only potentially racist. That's my story.

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