Thursday, December 11, 2014

In which I lay some TV truth on ya'll

If you're not watching the pretty great TV series The Flash because you're not really into superhero malarky but you can handle some relationship schmalz then you should also know that this week's episode* features the most classy 'hey best friend, I'm actually super into you even though you have a boyfriend' scene I've seen in awhile. Too often these kind of scenes come off as creepy or aggressive, like the guy expects that just because he's rolled it out there the girl owes him something (I know if I thought hard enough I could come up with some examples of this but it's lunchtime and I'm really jonesing for a cheese toastie). Full credit to the writers and the charming Grant Gustin for pulling it off. Also, dude: you could probably do better. Iris seems like kinda a pill.

* I wondered whether to SPOILER ALERT this but seriously if you can't tell this scene is coming one way or another after watching 15 minutes of the first episode of this show then you may... have some problems.

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