Monday, December 29, 2014

*Really* hard questions

I've fallen well and truly down a Lee Pace wormhole recently, as you, erm, may have noticed. The weird thing is I thought he was ten types of cute way back in the days of Wonderfalls but kind of forgot about him until right about now. Since this rediscovery I've gone and sucked up up much of his back catalogue, from the sublime to the, well, ridiculous.

In the process I well and truly fell for Pushing Daisies - a TV show starring Pace that my dear and wise friend Ali tried to push down my throat years ago but which, for reasons best chalked up to my stupidity, I resisted.

Pushing Daisies - and I speak as someone who has binged on the show's only two seasons over the past two weeks - is delightful not just because of Pace but because of the gorgeous, gorgeous costumes bestowed on his love interest: Anna Friel as Chuck. Seriously, if I had to choose between going home with Pace or Chuck's wardrobe I... might have some hard choices to make.

It's all about the hat. My GOD the hat.

You too could look this good sitting on a car in this dress.

What better way to entrance your boyfriend (who can't touch you for reasons I won't bother going into) than a saucy vintagesque basque?

One of my favourite Solving Crimes dress. Her handbag in the blazer is pretty spiffing too.

She even makes pants look good. Which is really not fair.

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