Friday, December 21, 2007

Well, well, well...

Smugness goes before a fall.

“Actually work’s going well,” I’ve told a handful of people this week. “Good stories, think my boss doesn’t hate me blah blah blah.”

It was all true – things were going well, I had written some good stories and I wasn’t feeling completely out of my depth. In fact I can confess to you alone, dear reader, that I was feeling quite comfortable. Quite competent even. Oh Kate.

When will I learn? Will it take more than spending working my arse off to find a new angle on a story for which the well is well and truly dry, finally coming up with what I think is a pretty good story only to have it chopped in half and jammed together with another story on the same subject? For the second time this week? I would sit down and cry but that well, too, is dry from over use.

Frick, lesson learned, weekend earned and I’m off to get drunk.

NOTE – Since soliciting friends on my blog has become the closest I get to a social life in these days of 11-hour days, if anyone wants to see the Leonard Cohen doco I’m Your Man (coming out next week) then I’m your girl – call me, we’ll talk about it.


CB One said...

Hmm a doco on Lenny. Maybe, but I'm in the epicentre of Melbourne boganism until the 2nd. I'm surviving by making trips into the city and drinking more heavily than usual. In fact, it's now 4-ish so I might just go crack a beer.

my name is kate said...

I hate you Melbournite. If you come back to tell me how great all the little niche bars etc are over there I will brain you.

cb one said...

Kate, I simply must tell you about this funky little bar I went to last night...........;-)

Merry Christmas.