Friday, December 28, 2007

Why should David Hicks have to say he’s sorry?

Actually I’ve pretty much said all I wanted to say in the title of this post so you get the idea.
Fuck off Mike Rann and the freaks who called into talkback radio this morning. They can all zip it up before they take this ‘Hicks should apologise to the nation’ idea to its natural conclusion of public self-flagellation, which one senses that can’t be too far away.

At least we can thank God (or, rather, the voting public) for Kevin Rudd, who has refused to jump on the Today-Tonight-watching-support-winning train and has come out to say Hicks should be treated like any other ex-prisoner.


He has done his time. Six years in Guantanamo Bay – most of it spent without having been charged – is called doing his time. Other criminals, when they’re done serving their sentence, aren’t required to apologise to their nation or to anyone and, I say, rightly so. Sending people to prison might not be the best way to deal with criminal behaviour in all cases but it is, apparently, the only way we have, so let’s show some faith in the freaking system and say that if someone is charged, convicted and sent to prison they have been appropriately punished.

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