Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why yes I have just spoiled the end of Bladerunner for you, why do you ask?

So you decide who the bigger spanner in this scenario is.

Is it the dicksnap who thought it was a good idea to have my call to their mobile company greeted with a recorded voice so very intent on Keeping It Real?

Honestly, what marketing wankhead came up with the concept to humanise said recorded voice by giving her a name (“Lara”), forcing her to use colloquialisms (er white hot rage has erased the memory of what they were but they were there) and feigned sincerity (“He-ey, looks like we’re having technical difficulties. I’ll have to put you through to one of my colleagues. I’m really sorry about this”)?

I don’t particularly care if I’m talking to a robot. I don’t really care if I’m talking to a person. What I don’t want is some kind of patronising-as-fuck she-robot on the other end of the line, pretending to care about my problems. I just want a new phone.

So that’s spanner number one.

Spanner number two, sadly, is the human on the other end of the line who dialled the phone company’s number, talked to the she-robot, hung on the line, was transferred, was transferred again, hung on the line… and then remembered she’s not even with Vodafone. Nor has she ever been. Hmm.


Anonymous said...

All I read was 'she-robot'...

I noticed the same thing with Virgin recently when I 'forgot' to pay my bill (for several months). "Heyyy, you can't make any calls using this service right now..." same patronising tone, just with male-robot-bits.

- Mike

my name is kate said...

Well yes I'm with Vrigin - that's why it took me so long to realise the fuckwhit non-person on the other line didn't even work for a company I had anything to do with. Felt a bit stupid though.