Friday, July 13, 2012

Insert your own jeans vs genes joke here

Today has been a shitty day. I am laid low, frustrated, melancholy and terribly, terribly bored. So what a delight to get some good news in the form of (ultra-unverified, I'm not kidding: the original source of this yarn was the Daily Mail) suggestions skinny jeans are destroying men's sperm count. I say good news because, much as I feel for anyone who wants to have children and is unable to do so, I love a good pair of skinny jeans on an equally skinny chap with about as much enthusiasm as I generally dislike children*. The only possible downside of this snippet of news that I can see is that skinny boys may abandon their skinny jeans for fear of missing out on the chance to pass their skinny genes on to the next generation. THAT would be a true tragedy.

*Children directly related to me being the one and only exception. They're... fine.

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