Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That Girl

You know That Girl. She's the one who laughs at what she's reading on her laptop and waits for you to ask her what's so funny. When you don't ask she tells you anyway. She laughs quietly at her own jokes and very loudly at everyone else's. She has an opinion on everything anyone else is talking about and wants to share it. If you don't react she assumes you haven't heard her and repeats herself. So you learn to react. Without making eye contact. That Girl inserts herself into conversations that have nothing to do with her. Sometimes she assumes she knows what other people are talking about. Often she is wrong. That Girl cannot read the social cues that would tell her what other people think about her behaviour. Sometimes it is hard to tell if That Girl is stupid or just a bit lonely. That Girl would probably describe herself as having a really good sense of humour. That Girl is delusional.

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