Thursday, August 2, 2012

Step up, indeed

So I was almost certainly always going to go and see Step Up: Revolution. I love cheese. I love dancing. I love cheesy dance movies. But this completely charming article on why the movie is greater than the sum of its parts (yes, really) has pushed me over the edge to the point where I have Locked This Shit In. Plus said article contains this wonderful line, which made me laugh much more than I think it should:
Like so many of you, I've seen and loved Step Up. I love early C-Tates, I love his sweatpants, and I love that scene in the club where everyone somehow knows the same dance and he gloriously pops his collar. 
If you haven't seen Step Up, it's true: that moment really is fucking glorious. Meanwhile, it pleases me more than I can say that when I texted my friend A (a surprisingly straight friend who is also a lover of all things cheesy dance-related and the gentleman who kept me company at both Step Up 3D and the Footloose remake) to see if he was keen he not only was immediately on board but he knew the movie's Perth release date off the top of his head. This, obviously, is why we are friends.

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