Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things I am loving about working in the city (for now) instead of out in the suburbs (like usual):

1. The morning commute. I don't know why I enjoy walking the two blocks from the carpark to my job, earphones in ears, but I do. I've always enjoyed watching people on their way to work, seeing what they're wearing and how they entertain themselves at traffic lights, in morning cafes while waiting for their coffees etc. I know: I'm such a loser. I'd love to catch public transport in but unfortunately I need to have my car with me for work purposes just in case. Boo.

2. The coffee. Most of the time I work in a suburb with two coffee shops within walking distance. One does awful coffee, the other is... fine. Good on a good day. Here I can't take two steps without running into a coffee shop that does a mean soy mocha.

3. The company. I can catch up with people - properly catch up in a lunch break or after work, using my legs to propel me along the footpath, not jump in my car and drive 15 minutes to get to somewhere decent. I have had more coffee catch-ups and post work wine snifters in the past three weeks than I have in Quite Some Time. It's basically the best thing.

4. The shopping. This is not a good thing, really. For various reasons (read: I am broke) I'm supposed to be tightening the ol' purse strings at the moment. In particular this means no buying dresses or stockings or books or any of the other things I spend too much money on. Still, just the act of being able to walk down the road and buy something dull-but-essential (batteries! undies!) is pretty great. Simple pleasures.

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Anonymous said...

Keep walking with earphones in ears........ until you get run down by some idiot driver.