Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wear it

About ten years ago my then-boyfriend (and yeah for some reason my extremely small number of ex-boyfriends seem to be coming up a lot lately, don't know what's up with that) convinced me to buy a black 1920s-style hat with a charming velvet bow. It was a beautiful hat from a proper milliner and I loved it and wanted it but I had my concerns. He convinced me with these words: "If you buy it, you'll become a hat person." I never did become a hat person but I still have the bloody hat, sitting in my wardrobe, waiting for me to grow a pair of balls and wear the fucker already. For this reason, maybe, I very much enjoyed this post - and more importantly, the comments attached to it - over on The Sartorialist about items of clothing purchased but never worn. (For the record I did wear the hat once... to a friend's 1920s theme party).

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