Sunday, April 29, 2007

April Audit

I am currently: Watching the Miss USA 2007 pageant. It is worse than you can possible imagine.
I should be: Doing shorthand. Pah.
Later on I will: Go and see Dylan Moran. Awesome.
I am reading: Alias Grace (Margaret Atwood). Very nearly finished.
I am listening to: Nothing new.
Last movie I saw: Stomp the Yard. Oh god. It was sort of awesome but I've never seen so many wannabee homies in one movie theatre.
I am thinking about: The future. And what colour I should paint my table.
Last disappointment: Realising I may never finish another novel. Because I'm la-zy.
Last victory: Passing 70 words a minute in shorthand, much to my surprise.
Last good deed: Um... buying coffees at work. Which is sad.
Last bad deed: Not doing the Walk Against Want with Kym this morning.
I am looking forward to: Walking into town... and Andy getting home today.
I am dreading: Shorthand test tomorrow, for which I have not prepared and which I do not want to do.

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