Monday, April 9, 2007

Items found in a cardboard box while unpacking my stuff in my new home...

  • A short black electrical cord, presumably belonging to a device I neither recall buying nor ever owning.
  • A plaser cast of my teeth.
  • A VHS tape with episodes from series 3 Buffy. Hey, it's still good.
  • The prologue (torn from a book) of Heart of Darkness.


Rebecca said...

Hi Kate

I guess you were celebrating your move because I got a text off you comparing me to your cat Tiki and not in a good way. Heh.

I'm watching Greased Lightning, the predictably sad auditions for Danny and Sandy for a West End revival of Grease. So bad in such a good way.

Lindsay said...

Things I'd like to find in my house include:
My passport
Last year's group certs
Money down the back of the couch

observer said...

Kate (following along Lindsay's train of thought) if you find any proof of my income whatsoever for 2004 in that magical box, i (and the ATO) will be eternally grateful.

my name is kate said...

Oh man I miss English TV.