Friday, April 20, 2007

Honestly it’s no wonder they were caught.

All references to “homosexual perverts” aside this court case involving two men kidnapping and raping a 14-year-old boy is obviously pretty disturbing.

Now the jury has ruled the men planned to murder the kid to stop him from going to the police.

Horrible stuff.But like any good gory court case there is an element of the incredibly bizarre in this one.

Because, according to today’s news reports, part of the evidence against Robbie Sebastian Wheeler and Victor Leslie Urquhart was an envelope full of “damning notes”. Including the following:

“We have to get rid of him soon”


“Won't acid take care of the body so it's just bones?”

Now really... Is this really the kind of matter that can be discussed via notes?

Asking someone to pick up dishwashing liquid or a carton of milk = perfectly reasonable to leave a note.

Discussing how you really do need to remember to get rid of the body of the 14-year-old you haven’t yet killed in the other room, or musing on whether to dissolve his body in acid?

Not note material.

What kind of lives do these men lead that this kind of thing is worth of a post-it and nothing more? I'd love to hear the subject matter when they really sit down for a serious talk.

And really nobody, whatever he's into, wants to come home from a hard day at the office to find a whiteboard full of messages like “which of us has to dismember him, do you think?” or “Shall you hold him down while I rape him this time?”

Victor, Robbie, if you ever do get out of jail: put down the pen and paper and get some goddamn face time.

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