Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Noteworthy notes to the PR who is ruining my life:

1. My desire to run a story on whatever bullshit event or product you are spruiking is inversely proportionate to the number of ‘follow up’ or ‘just checking in’ calls I receive from you.

2. Every time you try to bully me into getting a late-night photographer I want to poke out your eyes with my pen and I was lying when I said I had checked with the photographer.

3. About half of everything I say to you is a lie.

4. I didn’t go to that function last week because I would rather strip naked, grease myself up and throw myself into the paper-clip emporium than be trapped with you in a room for even an hour.

5. I’m taking my dislike for you out on your clients and the stories I write about them.


Lindsay said...

Ahahahahaha! Although I know who you are referring to specifically, this does generally apply across the board. Fuck the fuck off, PR agents of doom.

Rachel said...

With you on this, and then some!

johnsy said...

They really do have trouble with the "relations" part of pr, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Bit of an attitude problem there?