Thursday, April 12, 2007

Luke: call me.

Lindsay will tell you that I am a pussy when it comes to skinny boys who have just come into a man's body and one certain Perth actor in particular but I swear I am unbiased in suggesting that anyone interested in that sort of thing or in interesting theatre generally to catch Phaedra's Love at PICA until April 22.

Drinking half a bottle of wine before going is, however, not recommended, unless you want to find yourself giggling like a school girl when an underwear clad man winks at you from a metre away.

And just so I can say I did I'm putting the lovely Luke Ryan on my watch-list or, as if you prefer, keeping him in a holding pattern, right now. The boy is talented.

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Bolton Gray said...

yes i admit i have a bit of a crush on the boy too. how can you not. he's so cute... in that ferrety way.

sorry luke, darling, if you're reading this.