Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I only care about the cute and fluffy ones, though, obviously…

When this slightly sooky looking cavalier-cross was found he had an elastic band wrapped around his neck, was undernourished and riddled with fleas biting his skin.

The elastic band was on so tightly that it had dug into his skin and caused an infection.

His owner admitted that she’d known he was sick but hadn’t taken him to the vet. Because she was a fuckstick, presumably.

Without the RSPCA Toby would suffered in pain for weeks until his owner took him to the vet or let him die. With the RSPCA he was taken away from his owner, who was fined and given major skin graft surgery and placed into a new home.

I’m only writing about this on here because I can’t actually write about the RSPCA Million Paws walk fundraiser for the paper I work for. Heaven forbid we encourage people to go to this walk and actually raise money and awareness for a fantastic cause if the event is sponsored by another media outlet. What a fucking tragedy that would be.

For anyone who does care about this kind of thing the Million Paws walk is on May 20th, kicking off from Sir James Mitchell Park in South Perth and it’s a fantastic cause.

And if anyone needs an almost three legged, half blind and almost certainly senile poodle to drag around after them… well you know who to call.


Dan said...

This is an endless frustration. You can guarantee no big deals have been done here. Some outlet volunteered out of the kindness of their hearts to give an event a plug for free... "just slip our logo on the poster"... next thing you know, they're frozen out of 17 mastheads.

observer said...

I know, how about we change the rules as we go, that should simplify things for everyone....