Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I said I love you, George

My delight at seeing the only-getting-better-with-age George Clooney in Vanity Fair's best dressed list has been marred with my disgust at seeing Ashton 'isn't-he-irrelevant-yet' Kutcher and Demi 'Snip-Tuck' Moore on the same damn list.

Has the world gone mad? It's the only explanation for putting a cradle snatching weird-kneed bint and a man-child fond of wearing stupid hats within touching distance of the don't-you-pray-you-look-this-good-at-my-age Cloonmeister.

Ditto Lenny Kravitz who, when he's not busy looking like a woman, is busy looking like a prat.

I'll give them Richard E. Grant, who I love, and even The Becks because David is pretty and Posh is sort of awesome in a frightening rock-hard-nippled way but Kravitz and Moore/Kutcher? Not on my watch Vanity Fair, not on my watch...

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