Friday, July 13, 2007

Is this some kul-cha I see before me?

I have never been a huge, nutty fan of Shakespeare. I’ve read the obvious ones, like Romeo and Juliet, Othello and Macbeth, but I’ve never been into it in the way that some people I know or have met (frequently people who look like they’re on their way to a Ren-fair).

So I went to see Macbeth (ok, sorry The Scottish Play) last night partly because Andy was lovely and bought me a ticket and partly because it was put on by the Bell Shakespeare Company, who have a great reputation. My theory was that if I was going to see Shakespeare I’d rather see a good version than a handful of spotty kids from WAAPA.

I was pleasantly surprised. The set design was fab and minimalist, all jagged red slashes and crap piled to the side of the stage. Similarly the use of sound effects and, in particular lighting, was really well pulled off and the casting was pretty good - Macduff, Lady Macbeth and Malcom were stand-outs, I thought. Sean O’Shea’s portrayal of Macbeth surprised me because it was much more slimy and nasty than I’d imagined when I read the play. Andy thought he was shit but I liked it - for me it turned Lady Macbeth into a lot less of an Eve character than usual, which was bloody welcome.

I don’t think it will change the way I view Shakespeare forever or anything like that but it was definitely an experience. And, because I am nothing if not superficial, the guy who played Malcom was a total hottie. Who knew a beret could look so good?

(Thanks Andy.)

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Anonymous said...

Good-oh. Nice to see LM wasn't portrayed as axis of evil as usual. Alas, no one sent me free tickets, so I shall live vicariously through you. And not be so tight in the future... x

L x