Thursday, July 19, 2007

July Audit

Last book I bought: The Well of Loneliness. I haven’t read it yet but it’s on the (long) list.
Last movie I watched: Knocked Up. I laughed a lot.
Last good deed: Being nice to Andy last night.
Last good deed done to me: Oscar Hair!
I am saving for: Paying off the couch that will (hopefully) soon arrive. Also a dress that will somehow be everything for any occasion.
Last time I got drunk: Last Friday night. This should be repeated tomorrow night.
Last time I laughed: Probably this morning while trying to drag Andy out of bed.
Last time I was embarassed: 5 Minutes ago running into Moist Eye in the corridor while holding a My Little Pony with a sign reading ‘help me’.
Last risk: I am buying shares in a company I know almost nothing about. Eep.
Last failure: Don’t talk to me about the splits. I am useless.
Next challenge: Hmm, haven’t decided yet. I will take suggestions.
I am loving: Stormy weather, boozing, Andy, mochas.
I am hating: Cleaning, my insatiable appetite, being so uncertain about everything, feeling guilty when people buy me gifts.


Bolton said...

Forgive me, who is Moist Eye?

Does everyone have a nickname? If so, what is mine?

I feel like there must be a nickname I don't know about.

my name is kate said...

Ah moist eye is the creative hottie now confirmed to be playing for your team. He once usd the word "moist" to describe a muffin and I nearly passed out with pleasure. What a loss to the side.

kate said...

a suggestion for your next challenge - see how many different tropical cocktails you can drink in brazil.

my name is kate said...

Nice try, Kate, nice try…

Dave said...

hahaha only you, kate, would count being nice to your boyfriend as a good deed :)

my name is kate said...

I was being extra nice, damn you, as he was feeling ill. And um yeah extra nice pretty much just involves giving him a beer from the fridge but, you know, it’s something…