Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gladiators: the live blog

6.40pm: So I have come home a bit drunk and all I want is some trashy Sunday night TV viewing. Oh Gladiators. Hmm brilliant. I mean I haven't seen this since I was about 10 or whatever but surely it offers some schlocky fun... no? no?

6.55pm: This is, um, I mean, this is meant to be funny, right? I mean I thought so, given the ridiculous gladiator smack talk and the general, you know, RIDICULOUS concept but I'm no longer sure. Maybe I need another drink.

7.05pm: Instant replay? Yellow card?? So they're um, taking this seriously are they? Riiiight....

7.08pm: I don't know why people rag on wine in a cask. It's bloody brilliant.

7.17pm: Oh fuck this show is really, REALLY bad. I mean, it demeans everyone involved. Where the flip is the control? Somebody PLEASE...

7.30pm: (The sound of demented weeping)


Bolton said...

Well we were devastated that the power went out and we missed it.
It is fantastic television.

my name is kate said...

I was home alone and I still felt embarassed to be watching it. I can't decide if the people behind it are genius' or mental patients.