Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lessons learned from last night's cooking experience

  • Sultanas don't add moisture to brownies unless you soak them first. They will, instead, leach the moisture out of your otherwise delicious mixture, leaving it like the dry husk of a witch's teat.

  • A light orange or lemon syrup can save the day, moisture-wise, if you mix orange (or lemon) juice with sugar and water over heat. Then just prick some holes in your brownies and pour over the top to allow them to soak the delicious syrup up.

  • If you overcook your planned delicious syrup it will turn into toffee.

  • If you pour your overcooked syrup/toffee mixture onto the brownies it will set like cement and glue them to the pan.

  • If you try to chip a brownie out of the pan and eat it you may injure yourself and others.


Anonymous said...

I hate sultanas. I'm also number 38.

My name is Kate. said...

So do I have 38 friends or 3 really bored ones? You be the judge...

Anonymous said...

The internet is a busy place. Lots of people just surf and come across sites like this. Particularly if they put in a search for "token smokin' hotties".
The 38 could be made up of anyone.