Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Audit

Best Interview: Julia Stone.
Worst Interview: Camera Obscura.
Reading: Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry.
Watching: Still Veronica Mars and Freaks and Geeks.
Listening to: Hmm this and that. Fleetwood Mac and The Panics a bit lately, but not particularly anything new.
Googling: Most recently it was Yom Kipur. Don’t ask.
Looking forward to: March.
Not looking forward to: February.
Wish I was: Going skydiving, buying a pair of awesome animal-free animal-print flats I saw last week, able to find a decent copy of Ethan Frome.
Wish I wasn’t: such an over-thinker.
Thinking about: What to buy a friend for her 25th birthday (suggestions on a postcard), relationships and buying a house.
February Resolutions: Drink more without getting a hangover, p’raps exercise, not to stress so much, to do something awesome.

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