Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You know what grinds my gears...

You know who really grinds my gears? Cameron Fucking Diaz. Whoever it was who said she had a face like a squashed pea was right. Ruth was also right last night when she said she looked like a duck who had been punched in the face.

Being an ugmo with an allegedly hot body is one thing but calling yourself an actress when you have the gravitas of an ice sculpture wearing a funny hat is another. And making me sit through 90 minutes of your hi-larious pratfalls is, again, another.

On the plus side, someone behind the scenes of The Holiday must have something special going on because they managed to do the impossible and find an onscreen couple with less chemistry than Rock Hudson and Doris Day (Exhibit A: Ms Diaz and Jude Law). Well played, man, well played.

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Rebecca said...

I also saw The Holiday (why, oh god why) and was amazed that people still think Cameron Diaz dancing around automatically equals comedy gold. Because I'm here to say it don't.

But then I remembered Nancy Meyers and was amazed that I was amazed in the first place.

Also, I have bought the TWOP book. It's like being able to hold the internet in your hand (a little bit like if a tv character came through the screen to sit on your couch with you).