Friday, January 12, 2007

So who are the other 12?

Who the hell is reading my blog? No, seriously.

I know, more or less, who I’ve told about this thing, and I could take a good punt at how many of them totter their way over here every so often, and yet…today, as in just this morning, I put a lovely little counter on my blog and… somehow 13 people have been here.

Er, really?

Unless Andy or Ali (or, hell, Mum and Dad) are doing their boyfriend/best friend duties by logging multiple hits a day to boost my ego I just don’t credit it.

Sure, I’m not exactly Perez Hilton (smug, overrated hack) or the GoFugYourself girls (if anything, surely, underrated) but still… do ten people really check in to check out my views on Big Mouth Diaz?

Whatever - I’m grabbing the bit between my teeth and heading for 50.

Next step: make 49 new friends…

UPDATE: So apparently you can't see the counter on all computers. I can see it at work but not here... which is a real shame because it's a cute little kitty. Anyway, I'll get on it.

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