Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is doing the rounds so you may have seen it already but there is a NSW dude who is supposedly selling his life or identity or whatever on ebay (

Much less pervy than all those people who sold their virginity, and somewhat amusing:

(The sale) includes the following...
Will introduce to all my friends & potential lovers (around 8 which I have been flirting with)
- I have around 15 close friends and around 170 other friends
- I have 2 nemeses
Please note the following

- A friend owes me $20. Another friend owes me a six-pack of beer which you can redeem upon winning the bid.
- The winning applicant should probably shout the next $20 worth of weed.
- Will need to become vegetarian. This can however be changed in the future.
- There is some tension with a former ex from a painful breakup which must be inherited.

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