Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Token Smokin Hottie: James Franco

Times are tough for those of us who love James Franco. Years ago he was our little secret - the hot guy from Freaks and Geeks who worked the tough/vulnerable thing almost as well as he (memorably) worked an outfit involving stonewash jeans... with a matching jacket.

Time passed and... then came Spiderman and he kinda seemed like he was everywhere: all broody and cheekbones. And although he was no longer our little secret he was still hot and now even more likely to end up as a regular fixture on our movie or TV screens. Which he... kinda did. Sorta.

Except his movie choices were lame and now... post Spiderman 2, pre Spiderman 3 and with no upcoming movies starring James Franco that I am ever likely to see... I don't want to say it but I do fear that time could be running out for little Mr Franco if he wants to keep his status as the hot little engine that could. He may have the bone structure of a pre-death James Dean (what? too soon?) but how long has he been playing 'teen to early 20s'?

It's been awhile since Freaks and Geeks is all I'm saying.

But at least, should the worst happen and he find himself hosting infomercials or working in his friends record store, bumming cigarettes off the teenagers who shop there, he'll be captured here in his prime. And when future generations step over the homeless bum in the street that bum will be able to point them to this site and be all "hey I was young and hot with an arse like two peaches in a bag once!" And he was... er, is.


Bolton Gray said...

You realise Lindsay is a James Francophile as well?

Don't get her started on Tristan and Isolde!

My name is Kate. said...

Anyone with eyes is a Francophilie, fool. I could shave my legs with his cheekbones.

My name is Kate. said...

Okay I'm adding at least a year onto Franco's hottie lifespan, thanks in part to rewatching a large portion of Freaks and Geeks (oh. my. god.) and also to this: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/gossip/story/489903p-412624c.html

Dianna said...

This guy is just too handsome for his own good!! Just look at those LIPS!!! Franco is definitely my 'new obsession'!!

- Dianna