Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Found Weekend

I know this self-indulgent post is all just a little bit 'what I did on my weekend' but bear with me. For I think I have discovered the formula for the perfect weekend.

I know it's wrong but sometimes weekends stress me out. I often think that I almost get more enjoyment out of anticipating my weekend than I do out of the two days themselves. Basically I want too much. I want it to be relaxing yet fruitful. I want to see everyone but have time to myself. I want to have a quiet one and I want to get blazing drunk and fall down. Naturally this leads to me feeling as though I should constantly be doing what I'm not doing: when I stay in I wonder if I shouldn't have gone out and visa versa.

Yet this weekend I seem to have stumbled onto the almost perfect weekend, though I'm not entirely sure how. I put the details down here in the hope that I may one day replicate it.

Friday night is, of course, the drinking night and with a ballet, free booze and several miscreants it was all set up for a great night. And indeed it was, some random conversations and a greasy burger later, I was indeed fall-down drunk and collapsing into bed.

Normally this is a recipe for the lost Saturday, in which I spend the entire day limping from the couch to the bathroom and swearing to give up the booze. But, wether you chalk it up to the water I drank or the burger or my decision to ditch the RSPCA pussies for a few hours sleep,I woke up feeling good enough to nip out for breakfast and a shopping expedition. What's that you say? You want an afternoon on the couch with Star Trek. Oh yes. Board games and dinner with other lovely friends? We can do that for you too.

And today? Well I've done fuck all, to be honest. But in doing fuck all I have managed to catch up with my sister and Mum, get some much-needed exercise, bake (I know), read a bit and, yes, watch more Star Trek than is advisable for any one person. For my next trick I shall lay on the couch and watch America's Next Top Model while consuming some delicious, though unidentifiable "vegetarian roast". And I am assured the latter is more frightened of me than I am of it.

To me the equation looks something like booze + food + shopping + friends + extreme laziness = fun. E = mc2 it is not but, though I may be no Edison or Bell, dare I say I have invented Kate's perfect weekend? I believe so. All it's missing is a Monday off - sorry to break it to you this way Lindsay...

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Anonymous said...

That can still be arranged if you ask me nicely....

L x