Thursday, September 6, 2007

There's a reason nobody likes you

You know why nobody respects so called "family groups"? It's not merely because we suspect they're all right-wing super religious Bush-voting wank heads. It's because of shit like this, courtesy of the Slimes online:
OUTRAGED family groups will be calling for a national boycott of any
sponsor of the Ten Network's drugs, sex and vomit-laden program Californication.
Following last night's episode - which depicted two characters smoking marijuana
and having sex before one vomited - furious community groups have said they are
hoping something can be done to get the show off the air...

Instead of calling for just a boycott of the program, the Australian
Christian Lobby's managing director Jim Wallace is calling for advertisers to be
"held accountable" for their support of the controversial show. "There
will be calls to boycott sponsors of the show," Mr Wallace said. "And I'll be
leading the calls. "(If they are concerned about standards) they should not be
sponsoring this show."... While last night's episode was being broadcast,
the Catholic Church's Father John Fongemie was leading a candlelight vigil
outside Ten's Sydney office.

Je-sus. Observer blogged about the show last week but I hadn't then seen it. I did so this week and I was pretty amused. I like David Duchovny. I like alcoholic writer cliches and it had enough moments that made me chuckle to mean I'll probably watch it again next week.

I don't understand how people have the nerve to get up on their high horses about a TV show that nobody is forcing them or their stupid families to watch. Watching someone get bent and then vomit on to a bed is probably not going to make anyone want to start smoking pot just as watching Duchovny's not-bad-for-a-40-something-but-not-exactly-ripped torso jiggle about is going to make 16-year-old girls everywhere want to jump into bed with a father figure. Granted, maybe if you assume everybody is a moron then maybe you've got a case. The irony is that the biggest morons are those pointing their fingers and not tuning in.


Anonymous said...

It's an excellent and I am hooked (and not because we got to see little Gracy of the Nanny's very nicely developed boobs). Being an X-Files fan, I like David Duchovny's acting style..and it lends it's self to this sort of character more. Anyways...having seen the first 4 episodes all ready (bullshit channel 10, it's direct of the satalite..what a load of crap..fucking TV stations's shit me!!) the show has settled down into a rather entertaining show centred around a man who is struggling to keep together his relationship with his ex partner and daughter....few boobs and cunny boxes along the way never hurt anyone!

my name is kate said...

That’s beautifully said, Anon, and might I say nice use of the phrase “cunny box” - you just don’t hear that one often enough.